My story:

* Drawings and Dialogues. I have developed a liking for the soft-lead 8B pencil; it provided a quickness and spontaneity that expressed my creative impulse and direction. What emerged was a community -- a family of distinct characters, yet with a shared idiosyncratic behavior. With the interplay of text and image, the note cards took shape.

* A New Englander by birth, I have spent the greater part of my life in Maine and Massachusetts, and a brief stay in the Catskills. I now reside on the coast, a city with a vibrant art community. Before returning to Maine, I spent a few years in the Boston area and attended the Massachusetts College of Art where I received a BFA (in filmmaking). I have fond memories of Mass Art and the community of artists and friends I met during those years. At the time, I developed an insatiable appetite for European and International cinema and a love of dance, theatre and travel (England, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Portugal).

* My heritage. My dad, who hailed from Italy at a young age, survived the coal mines of Ohio/West Virginia before joining the Navy. An accordionist and a self-described boxer in the Navy, and when stationed at Portland harbor, he would meet his true love on the dance floor at city hall in Lewiston, Maine. My mom. Helene Nadeau, of French-Canadian descent, a Quebecois, the 13th child of 19, was the first to be born in the states. Like other enterprising, hard-working Canadians, she labored in the mills and shoe shops of Lewiston. I call on her wisdom, a wisdom that is true as a blade of grass.

* It’s great to share my story and my work. I hope you’ll enjoy the note cards as much as I have enjoyed creating the images and words - the dialogues.